We supply fresh flowers to our customers 24/7.
We offer a large assortment of national and international grown flowers.


RicoMundo has access to a global network of quality growers all over the world.
Therefore, we can help our clients to find the products that suit their customers best.


RicoMundo guarantees a continuous and exclusive, ‘year round’ supply of high quality chrysanthemums, carnations, alstroemerias and more.

Excellent Quality

RicoMundo only trades high quality flowers from some of the best growers of the world. Our main focus is to provide a consistent quality to our clients.

Exclusive Suppliers

Due to long lasting relationships with some of the best growers in the world, we are able to offer an exclusive assortment to you.


RicoMundo only trades with suppliers who act responsible and sustainable. All of our suppliers have to meet our requirements regarding sustainability and quality.

Continuous Supply

We offer a continuous ‘year round’ supply to our clients. Our focus is on offering fixed volumes for a fixed year round price.

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Why Us?

RicoMundo has over 40 years of combined experience in the flower business.
Therefore we know the needs of our customers so we can provide them nothing but the best.

Excellent Quality
Fair Trade
Good Prices

RicoMundo only supplies high quality flowers from some of the best growers of the world.
We can offer you competitive prices, fast logistics and excellent service.
Since we have long-term relationships with many of our suppliers we are able to provide you an exclusive assortment.

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